Alpenszene Montafon  
    Fußballszene Montafon  

The Alpine Trophy - the biggest youth football tournament in Vorarlberg

“Changing weather, thrilling matches and a brilliant all-round atmosphere” sums up the 4th Montafon Alpine Trophy which was held in Schruns-Tschagguns, Vandans, Gaschurn und St. Gallenkirch from 23 to 26 June 2011.

Some 1,400 up-and-coming football talents from all over Europe discovered the delights of the Montafon this weekend in brilliant sunshine and a lively atmosphere. In addition to the sports challenges, the 70 youth teams and their adult supervisors also used the opportunity to check out the many sports and leisure facilities in the Montafon.

After the preliminary rounds were played out on Friday morning, the teams received a further cordial welcome in the evening from Siegi Stemer, head of sport in the Vorarlberg government, at the official opening ceremony in the Schruns stadium. The ceremony also featured an impressive fireworks display and a thrilling performance by the DANCE ELITE dance group. Kids gathered together for a big party in the “LIMO” entertainment site in St. Gallenkirch at the “Montafon Alpine Party”.
From then on, all that mattered for the teams which had qualified was to maximise their goal-scoring chances! The talented young football players didn’t surrender an inch to each other in their respective penalty areas and were constantly fired up by passionate shouts of support from the crowd, and of course from the dugouts. The next Montafon Alpine Trophy will be held from 8-10 June 2012. For further details please visit the website at

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