Alpenszene Montafon  
    Fußballszene Montafon  

Statements from coaches, managers and assistant managers

Coach Vincente Del Bosque of the Spanish National Team, World Champion 2010
"The training conditions in the Montafon were perfect.”

Lothar Strehlau. 1st Karlsruhe Football Academy
"We’ve been running an international football camp in the Montafon for 15 years now and are always fully booked up, year after year.”

Hertha BSC Berlin. Report in the Berliner Tageszeitung
"Here in the Montafon we want our squad to gain the polish that will take them to the top of the Bundesliga. And that’s perfectly possible, because the facilities and the surroundings are top class, just like the Champions League.”

Coach Thomas Schaaf. Werder Bremen

"We enjoyed fantastic training conditions in the Montafon.
What’s more, everything was done for us and all our wishes were met.”

Lars Unger. Burdenski Events
"In Montafon Tourismus we’ve found a highly skilled partner for marketing professional training camps. We plan to come to the Montafon with several teams over the coming year.”

Assistant manager Andres Gerber. FC Thun
“This summer we had the perfect opportunity to prepare for the season by playing in the Montafon Golden Key Cup. We owe our successful start to the Champions League qualifying matches against Dynamo Kiev and Malmö not least to the games we played against two other top teams, Hertha BSC and Sparta Prague. Above all, we won’t forget the extra days we had in the Montafon before the start of the competition. The hotels and grass pitches were fantastic: they really helped us complete our preparations. As Cup defenders we’re already looking forward to the opportunity of playing in the Montafon again next year.”